Our Strategic Positioning

Be at the service of social intelligence

  • Attractiveness and business protection

Growing a business involves the capacity to enhance its appeal in order to attract the best talent.
It also means avoiding pitfalls and protecting the business from the risks to which it may be exposed.
At SOLUCIAL AVOCATS, we believe that if labour law is not viewed only as a constraint, it can be a powerful tool for fulfilling both of these requirements.

  • Creating social connections

In business as well as in society in general, creating bonds involves dialogue, the ability to listen, accept differences, communicate one’s convictions, adapt one’s point of view and differentiate the key issues from those that are less important.
As lawyers, we ensure that this social bond is developed in the interest of everyone.

Coming up with

Through our company culture

Our excellent knowledge of the business world means that we can quickly understand the needs of our clients and adapt to the different contacts, partners and operators concerned.
We can then capitalise on group synergies to take action.

By our legal actions

In legal matters as elsewhere: “Fortune favours the brave!”
When facing risks, it is often easy for everyone to succumb to inaction and a reluctance to take decisions.

As legal advisers, we conduct controlled initiatives with courage and clarity of mind in order to:

  • reduce risks for businesses
  • establish dialogue with the client
  • reconcile law and action, which is very often possible, contrary to certain pre-conceived ideas.

Using legal proceedings when necessary

The lawyers of SOLUCIAL AVOCATS are authorised to plead cases anywhere in France and will do so whenever necessary to represent and/or assist their clients in civil, criminal and administrative legal proceedings requiring knowledge in labour law, social security law and criminal labour law. In order to provide better solutions to the needs of its national and international clients, SOLUCIAL AVOCATS is now registered at the Bars of LILLE, PARIS and BRUSSELS