Our Method of Work

Optimising client relations

The key to the quality and speed of our work relies on a perfect understanding of our clients. We gain an understanding of the overall strategy of the company, its concerns, its motivating forces, its culture, etc. in order to adapt our solutions to each specific requirement. These close ties help us to better understand the issues and improve the assistance we provide.

Taking a step back

Labour law is an emotional and human form of law that perfectly reflects the ongoing changes that companies must cope with. Before undertaking any work, it is necessary to take a step back to identify the problems and guide us to the sophisticated legal research (texts, case law, doctrines, etc.) on which we must work. This approach, associated with our experience and creativity, allows us to provide our clients with a broad range of solutions.

Proposing and not imposing

We strictly comply with the responsibility of our clients who always remain the decision makers. However, it is our duty to provide a detailed opinion which is not restricted to weighing up the pros and cons but dares to truly identify the best actions in the interest of the company.

Improving through training

At SOLUCIAL AVOCATS, “Nothing is lost, everything is transformed! ” Every exchange with our clients enriches our know-how. Going much further than our legal obligations, all our employees attend internal and external training courses to continuously improve both technically, legally and as human beings.

Being open to others

In addition to our daily activities and our strictly professional activity, we participate in the development of social relations in a comprehensive manner, which is achieved thanks to a continuous commitment and concern for the task in hand. This is because being a lawyer involves being at the service of others first and foremost.

Training and passing on

The participation of SOLUCIAL AVOCATS in seminars and courses (particularly to the French “Ecole des Avocats”, the Grandes Ecoles and in seminars between and within companies, etc.) means that we can improve by discussing and sharing our know-how and our passion. Our firm is recognised as an approved training organisation and trains many lawyers and legal professionals with great enthusiasm.