Our State of Mind

SOLUCIAL AVOCATS is first and foremost a state of mind and a willingness to accompany each client in achieving success. As specialists in the legal aspects of the HR of your business, our motivation is being able to contribute to the performance of our customers with a consistent and combined approach to the human, legal and economic elements. This blend of skills is what makes our work fascinating and technically challenging.

We have chosen to do it with SOLUCIAL’s core values, which are:

  • Personal fulfilment,
  • Client focus,
  • Sharing,
  • Responsibility,
  • Integrity,
  • Work.

This is our state of MIND every day.

Our collective culture

We believe that our work is more enjoyable and more effective when done as a team. This aspiration and this need to work together is what unites the entire team. We also appreciate working as a team with your teams and your committees in all the other domains of law, figures and HR. We join forces in order to find the solutions to the needs of businesses through consultation and dialogue, at the service of action.

Our internal specialisations

In order to offer specific services in increasingly technical domains, we created an organisation based on the following centres of expertise:

  • Restructuring and employee transfers
  • Health
  • Institutions that represent employees
  • Criminal labour law
  • Sales forces and competition
  • International
  • URSSAF (organisation which collect social security and family allowance payments)
  • HR management
  • Individual and collective bargaining

In order to give the right advice, which also involves an understanding of the economic, cultural and legal environment that is specific to a profession, our organisation is broken down into advisory groups on the main sectors of activity and collective bargaining agreements of our clients. Finally, in order to provide assistance that is specific to foreign companies in their business development in France, we have created a English desk composed of bilingual lawyers and assistants, who, given their career path, are accustomed to multi-cultural exchanges.