Committed Lawyers

SOLUCIAL AVOCATS capitalises on complementarity by offering its clients real experts specialised in labour law. Each member of the team has very specific skills and know-how. Depending on the problem, we decide on the interlocutors and employees who will be responsible for the case.

This is how we respond with precision and commitment to each client request.

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From professionals to professionals

  • An operational approach

As professionals in labour law at the disposal of other professionals, we take particular pride in delivering practical solutions. There is no point to our analyses and thought processes unless they become real initiatives that serve the interests of our clients.

We help business and human resources managers to work out the issues (human, financial, legal, etc.)
and implement the solutions.

  • Lawyers from start to finish

We are passionate about our profession and we live it from start to finish by working as consultants as well as defending cases, in keeping
with our oath, that is to say with dignity, conscience, independence, probity and humanity.

We believe that this comprehensive service (legal advice and litigation) creates added value for our clients because it makes it possible to better anticipate, better avoid and be better prepared for any eventuality.

Lawyers at the heart of the company

  • Interactive

Our internal organisational structure allows us to respond in real time to the needs of our clients.

We are available, can react quickly and primarily use cutting-edge secure communications technology including IT
to remain in permanent contact with our clients and work with them using a collective approach.

  • Fast acting

Rather than imposing or being subjected to a ready-made solution, we prefer to build the solution by applying basic project management techniques (defining everyone’s role within the team, precise deadlines, objectives to be attained, joint production of deliverables, e.g. : draft letters, contracts, memorandums, convening notices.

  • Adaptable

During the course of the relations and according to the needs, we can adapt our offer:

– occasional “light” assistance during more calm periods;

– mobilisation of an emergency team to face a crisis;

– billing of actual time spent or within the framework of an annual contract.
The whole range of needs can be opened up.

  • Good negotiators

At SOLUCIAL AVOCATS, we know that in addition to the issues of a purely legal nature, labour relations involve negotiations. Without compromising the quality of the exchanges, we know how to take firm positions that are in the best interests of our clients. We do not encourage legal solutions when a negotiation is possible as long as it has been ascertained in advance with our client that it is in the interest of the company.