Train yourself

At SOLUCIAL AVOCATS, the support we provide to the customer is crucial. This support involves a listening phase and a subsequent analysis phase in order to gain an in-depth understanding of each problem, each business and each client that we defend.

This is followed by the training and information phase, because we believe that: “An informed client is worth two!”
We therefore offer regular training courses that are very useful for keeping our clients informed about changes in the legal framework of their their activities. Once they are properly informed, they are able to understand issues of labour law and the recommendations that we make.

Bespoke training

Labour law is at the heart of every business’s daily activities as well is its strategy.

SOLUCIAL AVOCATS offers training modules, for senior management, HR directors, HR managers and managers on substantive themes (e.g. : GPEC human resources forecasting and preparation management, delegation of powers) as well as on the news about labour law. SOLUCIAL AVOCATS is a training organisation n 31 59 08657 59 which means that it is supported by OPCA funding.

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